Filtration testwork demonstrates our unique and versatile filtration equipment through realistic and long-term trials.

DrM FUNDBAC® Pilot Plants

Study of Expanding Possibilities

  • Mono or multi candle pilot filters
  • 0.16 – 2.3 m2 filter area
  • Manual and fully automatic (PLC)
  • Hepta, RX, steam jacketed
  • 316L SS, PVDF, PP …



The indispensable tools for a successful scale-up

Lab and pilot filter systems


During selection, sizing and validation of process equipment laboratory and pilot testing are indispensable bench tools. In filtration processes they provide important data on flow, pressure, filtrate quality, residual moisture, washing yield, filter aid demand and other parameters. The insight gained serves the process engineer and plant designer for sound planning and specification of the full-scale production equipment. After the execution of significant pilot tests the determination of a performance or process guarantee is normally possible.