GBL DrM is a service and equipment provider specialised in filtration and solid liquid separation.

GBL DrM Pty Ltd, lead by Dr Götz Bickert, is a consulting and equipment provider specialised in filtration and solid liquid separation. Our experiences and projects spread across all major industries including mining and refining, hydrometallurgy, critical minerals (lithium, rare earth, nickel, graphite), base & precious metals (Ni, Co, Zn, Ld, Ag, Au), alumina, iron ore, chemical, food and pharmaceuticals. Our key personnel have gained extensive knowledge in a wide range of applications. GBL DrM offers innovative technologies to the Mining, Refining and Process industry in Australia. Based on cutting edge research, solid industry knowledge and international connections, we provide:

  • Filtration Testwork and Consulting
  • DrM FUNDABAC® and CONTIBAC® Candle Filters

As filtration experts we assist you with any solid liquid separation problem and requirement and provide specialist and unique testwork and plant equipment with proven advantages. Our expertise is unique and trusted.

Knowledge & Technology

Our strength is the fundamental understanding of filtration and separation processes combined with extensive industrial experience in consulting, testwork, development, equipment selection, sizing, design, commissioning, optimisation and improvements. Through our international links and European roots, we are up to date with new developments and international state-of-the-art practices. We provide innovative approaches and solve plant problems creatively through our own extensive experience and by working with world leaders.

About Götz Bickert


Götz Bickert is a globally recognised solid liquid separation expert with 20 years of extensive industrial, R&D, education and consulting experience; graduated from Uni Karlsruhe, Germany (Solid-Liquid-Separation). He worked as a Senior Lecturer (Chemical Engineering) at UNSW.He is highly experienced in equipment and process development, selection, design, fabrication, assembly, commissioning, trouble-shooting and after sales service of key capital separation equipment: Vacuum belt, disc and drum filters; filter presses, hyperbaric, belt presses, candle, leaf and media filters; Continuous and batch type, solid bowl and filtering centrifuges. He holds extensive training & education experience. More information can be found on Götz’s LinkedIn page.


Bettina Hartmann


GBL DrM is supported by experienced staff from our principals for special equipment and testwork challenges as well as by part-time staff and contractors for web design, administration, equipment servicing and modification, testwork, process support and a range of other services.